Here is a list of the main languages in Drion, a fictional world which I used first in comic strips, then in short stories.

The three Drionian most important languages are Tláymyts, Handun and Dahur.

Of these, the first ones I created were Tláymyts and, at least in concept, Khib-renn, then Handun, Sing and Dahur.

Most of these came from my desire and impossibility of learning real-world languages (I had no internet at that time...), so, except for Tláymyts, all of these first languages resembled languages from Earth. Khib-renn was created with Hebrew in mind, while Handun was inspired in Arabic, Difaron in Old Egyptian, Sing in Chinese and Dahur was inspired in Hungarian.


In the conlang dictionary you will find the meaning of words in my Conlangs.

Swadesh ListsEdit

We provide some Swadesh lists for comparing the vocabulary of various languages.

Nekturian LanguagesEdit

Languages still in use are marked in boldface.

North Nekturian South Nekturian East Nekturian Center-West Nekturian
Proto-Efhang Proto-Wayal Proto-Bovonian Old Takarash Proto-Ketgat Proto-Neshtak Beliig Proto-Tláymyts Old Nerak
North Efhang East Efhang South Efhang Hiskill North Wayal South Wayal Classical Bovonian Prondas Prondaset New Takarash Ketgat Petal Konnasiv Goltareg Tuster Pentalid Old Tláymyts Old Herlb-n-het Nerak
Nellen Hespat Dornel Garlig, Funs, Pridel, Wayaliss Kenkrar Modern Bovonian Classical Tláymyts Herlb-n-het Modern Nerak
Hassaf Tláymyts

Arishian LanguagesEdit

Sing and related languagesEdit

Nyewere' LanguagesEdit

Trokteret LanguagesEdit

Regarding phonology and internal structure of the languages, this family is similar to the Caucasian languages of Earth.

  • Trugtshembef
    • Pagpag
    • Ahtlmbef
    • PiksntR
  • Perkiss
  • KMp-SSftil
  • Glokmsfal
    • Hesh-hash
      • Taklafstar
  • Tshepkntris

Other LanguagesEdit

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